Meagan & Brent

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November 28, 2020

Our Story

The first day we met was September 5, 2017 when Brent joined my (Meagans) friend group to see the movie IT. We bonded over Mexican food and how nerdy Brent was. Brent was always "busy" when my friends were hanging out, so on November 4, 2017 is when I decided to finally ask Brent to go get Menchie's for our first date. A few weeks later Brent came over for Friendsgiving and on that night, November 25, 2017, is when we officially started dating. July 5, 2019 started as a friends trip to Traverse City, Michigan but ended with Brent and my engagement surrounded by close friends and family.

When the pandemic hit, it affected everyone. Everyone's health and safety was our first priority and we knew the wedding couldn't go forward on November 28, 2020. As we quarantined like the rest of the country, Brent's grandfather, Fred Wetshtein, was unfortunately in declining health. We knew we wanted him there on our big day all together, so in a small ceremony Brent and I got married on July 18, 2020. It was beautiful, intimate and we will forever cherish those memories. Now that restrictions have lifted we want to celebrate with our families together in a vow renewal/wedding we couldn't have with everyone kind of way.

We look forward to celebrating our happily ever after with all of you on July 17, 2021!

April 3, 1927 - July 24, 2020

Unfortunately, Fred was not the only grandfather lost last year. David Sonntag, beloved Grandfather to Meagan, passed away April 8, 2020. We know the both of them would be so happy for us and we will forever miss them dearly.

October 6, 1941 - April 8, 2020

Webster's dictionary defines wedding as “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.”
- Michael Scott


As a close group of friends, we take annual trips together to experience new things. In 2019 we decided on Traverse City and the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan. After hiking up sand dunes all day, on July 5, 2019, the group was taking in the last site of the day, overlooking Pyramid Point Trail. Brent took Meagan's hand and asked if they could take a picture together in this secluded spot by the overlook. After a few pictures Brent got down on one knee and asked Meagan to marry him, and she said YES! The rest of the trip was a celebration of love and friendship!